Anna osborne
Anna Osborne (1989-2004) was the wife or sister of Harvey Osborne and member of the Underground.

Anna has already managed to obtain one of the computer modules sought by the Underground and also keycards that operate the doors at the American Museum of Natural History which they used as a hideout and where a colleague would hack a stolen repair robot.

Day 1Edit

She had learned that a second module is located somewhere inside Bellevue Hospital. To investigate, she planted an explosive device on a side wall. Upon entering, she discovers that she can go no further thanks to a guard robot blocking the inner door. Thus thwarted, she leaves, taking a quick glance at the corpse of Reno Davis lying on a table nearby.

Anna next travels to Trinity Church to hide her module inside the secret alcove accessed by the secret candle-lighting sequence, before going to Flatbush Bar. She took a look at the video game inside to memorize the map and then went to the sewer system beneath Prospect Park in order to throw off any potential pursuers, and also leaving keycards at locations (corresponding with the squares in the video game) in case something goes wrong in the Museum. She keeps only one final card on her person, just in case something should happen to her.

When exiting the sewers, she accidentally drops her anti-Orb medallion in the cave at Dryer Offerman Park before leaving by boat. Presumably she went to Coney Island, but as she did not have her medallion, she could not take a Datacard warning about Phil Cook.

Day 2Edit

When the Underground learned that the Orb Alliance robots have modules inside of them, with Harvey and another Underground member, traveled to Grand Central Terminal to steal one. Besides stealing the robot, they also make an important discovery: an Orb spaceship hangar.

Upon leaving, Anna splits off from the others and travels to the Wretched Excess Nightclub to lose herself in the crowd and hopefully throw off any pursuit. However there the Manhunter followed her and confronted her. She knocked him over, accidentally dropping the single keycard she has retained.

Anna dead

Later Anna returned home only to be killed by Phil Cook, who travelled there immediately after killing her brother at Central Park.

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