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Bellevue is a hospital at 462 First Avenue in New York.


Food processing

Food processing

The Orbs converted it into a food processing center, using human corpses; they are also used to hatch their young. It was teeming with Orbs and guard robots.

The installation was controlled from the Empire State Building:

  • Security
    • Hall Patrol / Special Security orders robots to patrol the hallways or to stay on assigned positions
    • Room Security / Orb Protection orders the robots to stay in rooms or follow important Orbs.
  • Operation
    • Food Source at 10 percent
    • Press Crew on Standby
    • Next Harvest: North Brooklyn

Day 1Edit

The Underground knew that one module could be obtained from there.

Anna Osborne planted an explosive device on a side wall. Upon entering, she discovered that she could go no further thanks to a guard robot blocking the way inside. The Manhunter was sent there to investigate the explosion, and followed Anna's movements.

Reno Davis's body was found there after his execution.

Day 4Edit

When the Manhunter turned sides, he rearranged the security orders and returned to the hospital. An Orb spotted him and a robot captured and threw him into a room with a large pile of human bones. The Manhunter reached a screened window looking down into a room where an Orb and a couple of robots rendered human corpses into food. As soon as the room emptied, he stole a module from the console. Using the machine's conveyer, he reached a room containing the hospital's electrical grid. Climbing the cables he reached a window; but he fell out and landed outside.

Hospital destr

With the final module, the Manhunter managed to operate an orb ship and destroyed the hospital.

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