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Bellevue is a hospital at 462 First Avenue in New York.


Food processing

The Orbs converted it into a food processing center, using human corpses; they are also used to hatch their young. It was teeming with Orbs and guard robots.

The installation was controlled from the Empire State Building:

  • Security
    • Hall Patrol / Special Security orders robots to patrol the hallways or to stay on assigned positions
    • Room Security / Orb Protection orders the robots to stay in rooms or follow important Orbs.
  • Operation
    • Food Source at 10 percent
    • Press Crew on Standby
    • Next Harvest: North Brooklyn

Day 1[]

The Underground knew that one module could be obtained from there.

Anna Osborne planted an explosive device on a side wall. Upon entering, she discovered that she could go no further thanks to a guard robot blocking the way inside. The Manhunter was sent there to investigate the explosion, and followed Anna's movements.

Reno Davis's body was found there after his execution.

Day 4[]

When the Manhunter turned sides, he rearranged the security orders and returned to the hospital. An Orb spotted him and a robot captured and threw him into a room with a large pile of human bones. The Manhunter reached a screened window looking down into a room where an Orb and a couple of robots rendered human corpses into food. As soon as the room emptied, he stole a module from the console. Using the machine's conveyer, he reached a room containing the hospital's electrical grid. Climbing the cables he reached a window; but he fell out and landed outside.

Hospital destr.png

With the final module, the Manhunter managed to operate an orb ship and destroyed the hospital.

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