The Dragon Clan was a Chinese secret society in San Francisco that worked against the Orb Alliance from the Temple. Their members branded their arms with a dragon-shaped tattoo. They stole the Viewer from the Orbs and kept it in the Canton Bank, in rder to use it to see the locations of the underground slaves and free them.

Day 1Edit

Mic Stone with another mutant killed Tad Timov and stole the viewer. Outside they are spotted by another Dragon, who gave chase. The mutants killed him as well and fled.

Day 2Edit

Another member of the Dragon Clan and his colleague assaulted that Ratman in Pier 5 By incapacitating him with a muzzle. They killed him for his finger, and then burned his boat. The first went to the Temple while the other went to the Shop, he met with another colleague, and they exchanged the finger for chain snips with which he would release a slave. They took him to the Doctor to recover, and after splitting up and he went to a Laundry in Chinatown to hide out with family members.

The other went to the Cable Car Barn for another slave, who passed him a note that the Dragons almost reached Life and must help the slaves reach Hell and the slaves will show them Freedom.

Before the dragon could bring the note back to his fellow Dragons, Phil Cook and one of his rat allies enter and kill him. They left his body in a pile of other slave corpses.

The Dragons considered to reacquire the Viewer with the help of Zac West.

Day 3Edit

Noah Goring decided to approach the Dragons to help him free the mutants from Alcatraz, and in turn offers his help to retrieve the Viewer.

Goring and a Dragon arrive at Ghirardelli Square. The Dragon climbs to the rooftop in order to enter the lair via a back entrance and conduct a reconnaissance. However they are assaulted. Goring is jumped by Zac West and another Ratman.

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