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Harry Jones' (1958-2004) was a New Yorker and member of the Underground. He was the father of Tim Jones who died to save his life. Jones worked as a theater manager near Times Square.

He had managed to obtain the computer module C and has hidden it in a radio in his residence. The hidden location was seen on a schematic in an office in the American Museum of Natural History. He also had obtained the password to the Orb Alliance central computer system.

Day 3[]

To avenge the death of his son, he killed an Orb and impaled it over his grave at Greenwood Cemetery. He then went to his theater and placed the password into the wall safe. Right after he went to Abdul's Pawn Shop. On his way he encountered [Phil Cook]]. The two went to the passage beneath the shop.

After passing the 3 tests, Phil killed Harry and stole the piece of paper with the combination to the safe.