Harvey face
Harvey Osborne (1968-2004) was a relative of Anna Osborne and member of the Underground.

Day 2Edit

When the Underground learned that the Orb Alliance robots have modules inside of them, with Anna and another Underground member, traveled to Grand Central Terminal to steal one. Besides stealing the robot, they also made an important discovery: an Orb spaceship hangar.

Upon leaving, Harvey accompanied his colleague to the American Museum of Natural History. He let his friend enter and himself went alone to the Vend-O-Deli in order to place a note on the bulletin board hinting that they have found an Orb spaceship. As he was doing so, Phil Cook entered and enticed Harvey to follow him. Harvey thinking him for an ally, followed him to Central Park. Phil then took Harvey's crowbar and killed him with it, ditching it in some bushes nearby.
Harvey dead

Harvey attempted to write his name with his blood on a rock and managed only to write "COO|" but did not entirely succeed before succumbing to his injuries.
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