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Noah Goring was a geneticist who intended to create a race of superhumans to serve humanity. He went as far as to create a pig-monkey-mutant.

When the Orbs invaded Earth, he was used to genetically engineer a race of creatures that can withstand hostile environment and work as slaves. His house was at Montgomery Street and could see Coit Tower, Alcatraz and Julius Castle from his window.

Goring's first attempt is a reptilian cross but for a reason the subjects demonstrate incredible hostility towards the Orbs and imprisoned on Alcatraz.

The next attempt is a human/dog/rat cross who end up in the Fisherman's Wharf area. Once released, however, their loyalty begins to waver and they begin to crave a cure for their condition.

Eventually Goring repented and sent a letter a doctor where he related how the reptile/human mutants can help defeat the Orbs, if one could find a way to release them. Knowing that the security system of Alcatraz must be foiled he hoped that he and his friends (probably the Dragons) will be the ones to carry out this plan.

During his prior association with them, Goring managed to steal an Orb card. He used his necktie as a cache which he sewn up and set out to meet the doctor and deliver it to him.

Day 2[]

However, Phil Cook already visited him previously and entering his friend's house, Goring found him dead. Later that day, while absent, the Manhunter broke into his home and found his files.

Goring decided to approach the Dragons and ask for their help in accessing Alcatraz. The Dragons however asked from him to help them retrieve the Viewer.

Day 3[]

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The next day, along with a Dragon Noah came at Ghirardelli Square to enter the rat lair via a back entrance. Goring waited below while his ally climbed to the rooftop. He was however caught and Goring who stood guard below got jumped by Zac West and another rat. Goring put up a fierce fight and even severed one of the rats' paws, but ultimately Zac dragged him back to his lair at the Wax Museum.

The Manhunter tracked Goring to the Wax Museum and retrieved his Orb card from his tie.