This Ratman (-2004) was a volunteer for the experiments by Noah Goring and eventually was mutated to a hybrid.

Knowing with Mic Stone that the Dragon Clan keep the Orb Alliance Viewer in the Canton Bank, they stole it and killed Tad Timov. Once outside again, they are spotted by another Dragon, who gave chase. The mutants killed him as well and flee but in the process the Ratman lost his tooth.

Then they traveled to the Warehouse perhaps intending to leave a message indicating success for Zac West. Stone however had promised to return the Viewer to the Orbs in exchange for a reward and jumps his partner. He wounded him but was unable to wrest the Viewer away from him. As Mic retreated empty-handed to the Ferry Building the Ratman left a message for Zac identifying him as a traitor.

The next day he was staying in Pier 5 when two members of the Dragon Clan assaulted him. By incapacitating him with a muzzle they killed him, and then cut his finger. With that finger his assaulter went to the Shop and exchanged his finger for chain snips with whom he would release a slave.

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